Killing time while waiting my turn…

I take off an hour and a half early from work on a Thursday afternoon for a Dr’s appointment. It is not rush hour and hence the trains are running once every 15 minutes compared to once every 6 minutes during rush hour. Train is pretty empty. I browse through my phone but I am limited just to reading previous text messages or seeing the pictures which are stored locally on my phone. Yes, metro does not have a Wi-Fi or 4G network. I sometimes wonder how would I get hold of anyone if the train breaks down in a tunnel where there is absolutely no cellphone network. There is no mad rush to get out of the train or to take the escalator from the platform to the exit. I enter the address of the Dr’s office in the GPS on my phone. Estimated time to destination was 14 minutes. I was already running late by 4 minutes. I showed up at the front desk of Dr’s office 14 minutes late for my appointment. I have to admit that I did speed on my way to Dr’s from the metro station. I see that there were few more patients waiting to see the Dr.

I wrote my name on the check-in sheet. I choose a chair which is close to the rack having magazines. I am intrigued by the color on the cover page of the national geographic magazine. I pick it up. It is an edition from may 2014. There were few interesting articles such as the amount of water that it takes for a cow to produce a gallon of milk. The number was a pretty high something like 1115 gallons. This included water required to grow hay etc. I browsed through all the pages of national geographic magazine. At this point, there was one more patient ahead of me. I picked up another edition of national geographic magazine and went through the entire magazine page by page enjoying the colorful pictures and some facts. National Geographic magazine is one of my favorite magazines. One of my good friend had gifted me a year-long subscription of National Geographic magazine for Christmas few years ago. I have spent roughly 25 minutes in waiting for my turn. I entered the four digit code to unlock my phone. There is a pop up message that there is 10% battery remaining. I hear my name from a feminine voice. I look up and it was the nurse.

She takes me to one to a room with a giant chair, similar to the one in a dentist office. She asked me what was I there for. I told her that I was there for a follow-up appointment. She left. I sat on that chair and pulled my phone out of my pocket while I wait for the Dr to come see me. There was limited cell phone network and the wheel on my phone screen would churn and churn forever to load a post on my Facebook wall or to open a webpage. I gave up. I set the phone on a desk in the room. I started reading the details on the big pictures hanging on all four walls of that room. These were pictures of the anatomy of human ear’s, nose and throat. The picture frames were 52″ X 36″ of size with a collage of pictures with few details. It is a good source of education. Though this was not my first time seeing those pictures, I continue to read the same details like the number of sinus cavities, their colors and the shapes. I check the time. I have waited almost an hour for the Dr. I hear a knock on the door. And there my Dr arrives. As usual he is a very polite gentlemen. We spoke about his recent vacation. Quickly, he got hold of a band with a light attached in the front. He wore that band on his forehead. He checked my ears, nose and throat. He had a long probe which he used to check my sinuses. He said everything looks great! I breathed as sigh of relief. And it was a worth an hour wait.

There is a saying my mother tongue Kannada (a south Indian dialect), “Taalidavanu Baaliyaanu” which means “He who waits lives well” – Effectively means “Patience Pays”.

handwriting blackboard writings - Patience is a virtue


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5 Responses to Killing time while waiting my turn…

  1. Veda says:

    Killing time is surely put killing time 😉
    Very well written.. Soo damn true

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  3. Chandan says:

    I think this quote is what keeps me going and I feel I have gotten the right things at the right times of my life

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  4. Chandan says:

    The story you depicted may be a very simple one from a silly situation but can apply to complex ones that we face day to day. #TaalidavanuBaaliyanu

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  5. Chandan says:

    Looking forward to much more entertaining posts with your train commute time and perhaps a Self Improvement book out of this someday 🙂

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